Facilities in the neighbourhood

The location of Norwood makes life easy for each of our guests as it affords everyone an opportunity to access a wide range of exciting places and facilities in and around Mthatha. Whether you are coming alone or with others, you want to enjoy a seamless arrival at and departure from the guesthouse. Fortunately, Norwood is just within some distance of an airport. Therefore, you can easily access the airport from our guesthouse. Furthermore, the highly functional transportation system in Mthatha ensures that you do not have any troubles with moving around the city.

In addition, Norwood is nearmost of the entertainment centres in Mthatha. If you like shopping, lots of malls and shopping centres are just a few meters away from Norwood. Similarly, Nelson Mandela Museum is close to our guesthouse. Therefore, Norwood is a great place for tourists to lodge when they are in Mthatha. Stay in this wonderful guesthouse and maximize your adventure while staying in the city.

There are lots of other exciting facilities that you can quickly and easily access from Norwood. As a consequence, Norwood is a great choice for people visiting Mthatha irrespective of their purposes.Our services are affordable yet unrivalled by any other guesthouses in the city.

Book a room

Let’s help you maximize your experience of Mthatha. Contact us today to book a room at Norwood. We promise to make your stay to be exciting, enjoyable, and memorable.

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