Foremost, Callaway has 18 guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms.The en-suite bathrooms have shower/bathtub; hence, you are assured of soothing bathing experience in this guestroom.The design of the room ensureseach guest can enjoy a cosy, private time as they bask in the awesome of this guesthouse. The rooms are relatively new; so, you rest assured of the spectacular ambiance of our wonderfully decorated rooms. These rooms have modern designs that prioritize your comfort, convenience, safety, and enjoyment.

When you stay in any of the rooms, you have access to a wide of amenities that will put your mind at rest.You enjoy our king-size bed that is designed to give youa blissful night. We are certain that you will wake up the following morning fully rejuvenated and ready to get the best out of your day.There are LED reading lamps and sensitive night lights that will provide you with the right amount of illumination needed for a cosy night rest.

Need to watch some exciting programs on the TV? We have a fully functional TV with DSTV for each room. Therefore, you can be certain that you can stay in tune with your favourite programs when lodging at Callaway. What’s more, there is a telephone on standby to ensure that you stay connected to friends and family throughout your stay.Our air conditioning system keeps the room cool and well ventilated.

Make the best of your day by having a taste of some of the delicious cuisines available. Our dining area is the right place to take the best appetizing cuisines and fine-tasting drinks.

The amenities in the living space do not end there as you have access to a seating area. You can sit here and relax while enjoying the view of the world around you. Other amenities in the room include complimentary tea and coffee.

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